Update on Nethermined

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Unfortunately we have to tell you that we did not made it to Nethermined. For some reason the UK demands that a Kids-ID is valid for at least one year after the return date.

Friday evening all ready to leave to the airport, pick up my girl at school and leave right away.  There was a lot of traffic to Brussels but we made it on time. After struggling to find a parking spot we arrived at the main departure hall at the airport.

A few minutes later we where standing inline to get our tickets. First something was wrong with our flight from Amsterdam to Newcastle but after a call this was solved. Then I saw a strange look at the person in front of me, picking up the phone again. After a very short call he said “unfortunately you can’t leave with the girl” and told me to go to the police station at the airport a little further.

When we entered the office and dropped our bags I started to explain the situation. But the reply was that we would never be allowed into the UK. And probably I would be arrested when trying.

So far our little adventure, but next year we will be there.


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